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Sustainable programs need sustainable funding. That’s why we’re counting on you to support our programs. Every dollar you spend will go towards improving the quality of life of someone in need.
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Join the Penny Appeal USA Sustainers Society

We are continually blessed and grateful to the many donors who support our projects in the field: building wells that will provide a village with water for a generation; sponsoring agricultural projects that allow communities to feed themselves; maintaining domestic violence shelters that are ports in the storm for those in their darkest hours.

But we also know that these sustainable outcomes depend on sustainable incomes: that you need a strong, effective team and organizational structure in order to deliver world-class results.

That’s why we also invite you to powerfully and directly support Penny Appeal USA by joining our Sustainer’s Society.  By allocating all or a portion of your donation to cover our operational expenses such as staff salaries, healthcare benefits, computer hardware, and accounting fees, you enable us to become a healthier, stronger organization.  We recognize that this isn’t always the most glamorous request, but it’s the gas in the tank that keeps us running.

Ultimately, our goal is to be able to cover 100% of our operational expenses through the Sustainer’s Society, so that we can use all incoming donations fully to work in the field.  That outcome is built penny-by-penny, and the change starts with you.  We hope you’ll come with us on the journey.

Our Goal is Simple.

Our goal is simple. We want to be able to spend 100% of the funds we receive from public donations directly on our range of life-changing and life-saving programs. We want to get to a point where we can make a promise to the general public that 100% of every donation they give to us will go directly towards our poverty-fighting programs. We call it the 100% Promise.

3 things that joining Sustainer Society can provide or do:

Our Impact over the Years

We went from implementing 8 programs in 2016, to 9 appeals with a total of 29 programs!