Afghanistan Emergency

A devastating series of earthquakes, some of the deadliest ever recorded, have struck western Afghanistan, leaving thousands of families in need of urgent help.

Thousands of families need our help.

A devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake recently struck Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city, Herat, in western part of the country. Followed by strong aftershocks, the earthquakes are some of the deadliest ever recorded. More than 2,000 have lost their lives, and nearly 10,000 more have been injured. Over 1,300 houses have been damaged or destroyed.

The situation is dire, and we cannot stand idly by. Join Penny Appeal USA in providing survivors with life-saving emergency aid including food, clean water, medical assistance, and shelter during this critical time.

Complete Emergency Pack for $500

Provide Food Pack, Family Essentials Kit, and Shelter to the people of Afghanistan in this time of extreme crisis.

How do our Emergency Response efforts work?

During emergencies, there’s no time to waste! Putting a humanitarian relief campaign together takes time that victims of disaster or conflict may not have. That’s why we often pledge or commit an amount before turning to you to raise funds. 

When your donations go over the amount we pledged, we either return the excess into a General Emergency Response fund so that we can respond quickly for the next emergency, or we run a phase II of the campaign if the need is still urgent. 

Your donations often cover what we spend, but not always. When we’re short, we use funds from the General Emergency Response pool. 

In an emergency, we do our best to use all our funding for that particular emergency as soon as possible or in phases. We believe in transparency with our donors and value every penny you trust us with. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about where your donations go! 

Program Reports

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Decrease the dependency and need for immediate food aid in hunger struck countries by digging sustainable gardens.

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Empower small scale farmers through increasing cultivated land with Olive seedlings.

Sponsor An Orphan

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare and an education to orphaned children in over eight countries.

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